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Whether you are downsizing before a move, liquidating assets, or dealing with the estate of a deceased loved one, we are ready to assist in a smooth and profitable transition.  Our mission is to make your move easier and simpler by handling the sale of assets according to your needs and what will bring you maximum revenue.

We offer a range of services from online or in person estate sales, to estate buyouts but what sets us apart from other estate liquidation companies is our ability to provide you maximum revenue through our exceptionally presented and executed online estate auctions.

Online auctions reach more buyers which means higher prices and more revenue. Additionally, an online auction significantly reduces traffic inside your home, minimizing any wear and tear or damage that might occur in a traditional sale. Finally, we've found by offering all items in auction, practically everything will be purchased and removed when it's over, significantly reducing additional clean out costs after the sale.

Our services relieve you from the difficult organizational and pricing aspects that selling yourself would entail, and utilizing our market knowledge, obtain appreciably more revenue. Less work – more revenue. This allows you to take care of the more essential aspects of transition and opens the future by taking care of the past properly.

Feel free to call with questions or schedule a free in home consultation.

The Life of an Estate Auction....

Establish our relationship:

  • Decide what you want to keep and don’t throw anything away!
  • Set up a walk through for a free in-home estate sale consultation
  • Decide on dates and lock in the relationship with an agreement
  • Arrange access for us
  • You’re job is done!

We Create your Auction by:

  • Organizing your items into sellable lots
  • Cataloging all lots into our software with accurate descriptions & attractive photographs
  • Choosing which items deserve their own marketing
  • Creating a professional estate auction listing
  • Posting your auction live on our auction platform,

While the Auction Runs (1-2 weeks) We'll:

  • Notify our 2000+ bidders on our email list
  • Run advertising for the auction on multiple platforms for maximum outreach
  • Individually advertise featured items
  • Answer questions from buyers

After the Auction Closes We'll:

  • Manage payment for all lots
  • Staff pickup for all won items
  • Ship any items necessary

After Pickup:

  • Haul away & donation services available
  • Tax deductibe receipts for IRS purposes
  • Auction summary & itemized sales report generated
  • Auction summary, sales report/reconcilation, & proceeds check mailed

The Life of an Estate Sale....

Establish our relationship:

  • Decide on what you want to keep and don’t throw anything away!
  • Set up a walk through for a free in-home estate sale consultation
  • Decide on dates and lock in the relationship with an agreement
  • Arrange access for us
  • You’re job is done!

We Create your Sale by:

  • Beginning advertising
  • Choose which items deserve their own marketing
  • Take first round of  photographs
  • Create a professional estate sale listing
  • Post your sale on numerous advertising venues for maximum outreach


  • Organize home content
  • Stage/display items to entice buyers
  • Price items for maximum sales and revenue
  • Prepare checkout area
  • Post indoor sale signage

Post Setup/Pre Sale:

  • Update advertising with newly staged photos
  • Map the sale for crowd control and traffic flow
  • Safety and security assessment
  • Finalize advertising

The sale!:

  • Set out professional and appropriate signage
  • Staff the sale 
  • Continually restage home as items sell
  • Update customers re: discount days to encourage repeat sales
  • Finalize daily estate sale accounting
  • Secure the home.

Post Sale:

  • Haul away & Donation services available
  • Tax deductibe receipts for IRS purposes
  • Photographs of content hauled away
  • Estate sale accounting summary created
  • Estate sale summary emailed
  • Estate sale summary and proceeds check mailed within 7 business days.

Are there any other fees?

There are no hidden fees beyond our commission.  Going on a strictly commission basis means we work hard to maximize your profit because we make money when you make money!  Our commission pays for our insurance, labor, and advertising at no extra cost to you. We do offer haul away services following the sale for an additional cost.

How much do you charge?

For estate sales, we charge a typical commission of 35-50% depending on the size of home and labor required.  In most cases our commission is 35% but in  rare cases of hoarding or where excessive cleanup prior to the sale is required commission will increase to account for labor requirements.  Certain high value items such as vehicles may involve a lower commission rate which we’ll agree on prior to getting started. For estate auctions, commission is based on sale price of each lot and begins at 45% for lots under $200, with commission dropping by 10% at thresholds of $200, $500, & $1000.  Ultimately, commissions will vary according to the unique qualities of each estate and can be discussed after a free in person consultation.

Which is better, estate sale or auction?

We largely prefer to offer online auctions because they bring more revenue and less clean up for everyone.  We have been performing online auctions for a few years, and now that COVID has entered our world, they really are a no brainer as so many buyers are moving to virtual shopping.  That being said, sometimes a sale is the best option when there is a dramatic time constraint.

Who are we and why do we do this?

Our team has been working in the antique/vintage and reselling industry for 25 combined years!  After shopping at numerous estate sales and auctions ourselves, we understand what buyers want and how they want to be treated.  Our background in the service industry has taught us proper customer service, efficient project management, and a flexible 'can do' attitude.  Our keen market expertise allows us to recognize high value pieces and market appropriately to maximize revenue.  Finally, we derive great meaning and satisfaction supporting people as they move through the types of transition that often necessitate estate liquidations. We are here to help!
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Estate of Lifelong Scout Leader, Photographer, Audiophile, & Outdoorsman + Vintage Christmas!

See our ad on for pictures and inventory.

Friday 11/22, 10-2, Saturday 11/23, 9-2

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