Are there any other fees?

There are no hidden fees beyond our commission.  Going on a strictly commission basis means we work hard to maximize your profit because we make money when you make money!  Our commission pays for our insurance, labor, and advertising at no extra cost to you. We do offer haul away services following the sale for an additional cost.

How much do you charge?

For estate sales, we charge a typical commission of 35-50% depending on the size of home and labor required.  In most cases our commission is 35% but in  rare cases of hoarding or where excessive cleanup prior to the sale is required commission will increase to account for labor requirements.  Certain high value items such as vehicles may involve a lower commission rate which we’ll agree on prior to getting started. For estate auctions, commission is based on sale price of each lot and begins at 45% for lots under $200, with commission dropping by 10% at thresholds of $200, $500, & $1000.  Ultimately, commissions will vary according to the unique qualities of each estate and can be discussed after a free in person consultation.

Which is better, estate sale or auction?

We largely prefer to offer online auctions because they bring more revenue and less clean up for everyone.  We have been performing online auctions for a few years, and now that COVID has entered our world, they really are a no brainer as so many buyers are moving to virtual shopping.  That being said, sometimes a sale is the best option when there is a dramatic time constraint.

Who are we and why do we do this?

Our team has been working in the antique/vintage and reselling industry for 25 combined years!  After shopping at numerous estate sales and auctions ourselves, we understand what buyers want and how they want to be treated.  Our background in the service industry has taught us proper customer service, efficient project management, and a flexible 'can do' attitude.  Our keen market expertise allows us to recognize high value pieces and market appropriately to maximize revenue.  Finally, we derive great meaning and satisfaction supporting people as they move through the types of transition that often necessitate estate liquidations. We are here to help!